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3 Ways To Improve How You Use Images and Photos When Marketing on Social Media

3 Ways To Improve How You Use Images and Photos When Marketing on Social Media

Year by year social media becomes more and more visual. Newer social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are extremely visual to say the least, and even some of the older ones such as Facebook and Twitter are moving in the same direction. In short it is more important than ever that you’re using images and photos effectively when marketing on social media.

If you feel that your results with images and photos up to this point have been fairly lackluster, here are 4 ways that you can improve on it:

  • Show – don’t tell

The core idea when using photos and images on social media is to show the message rather than telling people what it is. Depending on the message you should try to be creative and use different types of images – such as captioned photos or images, infographics, graphs or charts, or even screenshots.

  • Emotion is key

People on social media are more likely to share photos and images that they feel an emotional connection for. As such you should try to make sure yours evoke a particular emotion. It could be something that inspires others, makes them laugh, tugs at their heart-strings, or even makes them feel proud.

  • Size matters

As you start to use images and photos across different social media platforms you’ll notice that each one has its own size preferences. It is important to adhere to these, otherwise your photos may not appear properly and may be cropped in ways that reduce their impact.

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It helps to be able to edit your photos and tweak your images so that you’re able to create the kind of visual content you need for social media. While you may not be that well-versed in doing so, you should give Movavi Photo Editor a try.

Essentially Movavi Photo Editor will make it easy for you to edit your photos and images. Its features can be used to improve the quality of photos, transform the frame and orientation, remove date stamp from photo, replace the background, insert captions, apply artistic filters, and much more.

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With the help of Movavi Photo Editor you should be able to improve your photos and images so that they look great before you upload them. That in itself should help you to boost your results when marketing on social media.

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