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4 Fundamental Considerations for Construction Startups

4 Fundamental Considerations for Construction Startups

Developing a business plan for a new construction company can be relatively complicated when you’re a newcomer to the industry. It’s common for novice contractors to overlook a few aspects of site preparation and maintenance, at which point it becomes necessary to backtrack and revise your budget accordingly. Fortunately, a brief research session can help prepare you for all the expenses and challenges you’ll face on your company’s first big job site. To help you get started, here are the 4 most pertinent considerations you’ll want to cover before commencing your first project.

1. Restroom and Break Facilities

It’s easy to opt for a standard porta potty, and while that’s certainly a minimal and affordable option, it’s definitely not the most comfortable or appealing. Larger trailers provide a cleaner, cozier alternative that can also be used for general relaxation during work breaks. Most accommodation providers like OnSite offer porta potties and restroom trailers, so if you’re going to be working on a large site, it may make sense to installboth for added convenience.

2. Portable Heating and Air

Inhospitable working conditions can reduce productivity, affect employee morale, facilitate lower quality work, and increase the chance of mistakes being made on the job. You should aim to provide a rest area that workers can use to cool down or get warm when the weather is unpleasant. Additionally, you and your managerial staff (i.e. – project managers and on-site supervisors) may benefit from having a comfortable office to work from.

3. Equipment Storage and Protection

Transporting large equipment or an abundance of tools to and from the job site on a daily basis can be an unnecessary waste of expenditure and a huge hassle to deal with at the end of every work day. Instead, consider the merit of investing in high-security containments and materials that can be used to protect your equipment from the elements and the actions of nefarious characters. Preventing damage, theft, and vandalism is a key concern that often goes overlooked.

4. Suppliers and Employees

The quality and competency of your suppliers and employees will be one of the most pivotal aspects to keep in mind during the preliminary stages of company development. After all, your company’s output and performance can only be as good as the professionals running the show and the materials used. You’ll need to do a lot of studying and screening to ensure you’re hiring the right people and dealing with the most lucrative and reliable suppliers.

Don’t Forget Advertising and Brand Image

Finally, after you’ve handled all the above, you should shift your focus towards building a reputable and appealing brand that prospective clients will want to work with. Soliciting your first major project can be challenging, but with a persistent and well-refined approach to marketing, you should be able to land more contracts than you can handle in most regions. In fact, the construction industry is expected to grow exponentially during the next decade, so now may be the best time in history to become a construction service provider or contractor.

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