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5 Successful Ways to Generate Leads

5 Successful Ways to Generate Leads

Leads are the essential aspects of the business. To increase the sales and boost the profits you have to generate quality leads. You can use a range of marketing tools for generating leads. You can expand the consumer base and keep the sales pipeline filled.

Small business uses only a few numbers of tested marketing methods to produce leads. This might cause a problem as one or more may fail to deliver the results. The key to success in such a case is the wide range of marketing tools. These are tools are those which small business owners can use, as they are cost-effective.

Here, we are going to share 5 such methods to produce quality leads.



Telemarketing has a negative reputation in the market arena, though it is an important part of the lead generation. Through telemarketing campaigns and cold calling process, calls placed to the potential customers with whom you have no contact. All you need to have a customer database of potential prospects or you can buy one list from the data servicing companies. The advantage of the database is to aid the telemarketing and thus serve the various sectors of business. The IT telemarketing list consists of companies categorized according location, size, and business sector and job title.

Online Lead Generation


Online lead generation is the latest trend. Make sure that the site has regular visitors to give the contact details, and you have to offer incentives to the people for doing the task. You can share interesting content by adding a blog and entertain comments from people. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms is a good way to stay in contact with existing customers and to generate new leads.



Another way to generate leads is Word-of-mouth and has the advantage of becoming completely free. Keep in your mind that you will need to deliver great products and excellent services to reap better leads from personal recommendations. Satisfied customers help to refer to the other business easily.

Trade Shows


In this digitally connected world, one does not feel the importance of the face-to-face networking. The networking of the events helps you to offer business in a powerful way and meet the potential clients in a short period. You also have other benefits. You can use the event to generate huge traffic in the trade magazines, on the social media platforms and even on your business website. You can use the events to find out what are the tactics that your competitors are applying to stay ahead. Do make sure that the potential leads get followed-up soon.



Establish a relationship with a business and share the elements of the target market. You can make them your partner to target the potential customers and share your relevant knowledge. Use mutually beneficial strategies like – sharing the costs of trade shows, swapping the website links and sharing information of both the organization via newsletter.

Generating business leads is not difficult, if you think to become creative and take the advantage of every business opportunity to stay ahead in the market trend.

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Janet Wilson is a marketing manager at an eminent BPO company in India. She knows how various services like telemarketing and cold calling facilitate the business irrespective of their sizes.