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7 Step Paths To Getting Your Product On The Market

7 Step Paths To Getting Your Product On The Market

When trying to get your product onto the market, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that the process runs smoothly; these can range from taking the time to research a market through to developing a prototype that can be rigorously tested before your product is launched. It’s also possible to work with experienced product design firms to get the most out of your product, and to enter into a market with the minimum of fuss.

Research the Market


You should first take the time to understand the demands of a given market – is there a particular niche that you’re trying to fill, and what are the best ways in which you can connect with consumers? It’s also important to work out an early strategy for how you can engage with different parts of your potential audience, and to check all patent listings to see whether you have any direct competitors.

Work on Your Product Design

It’s possible to work with applied product design engineers to create a stable workflow for converting your initial blueprints and drawings into working 3D models and a prototype; this part of the product to market process can be helped by using Computer Aided Design technologies, which can enable you to visualise your product in different ways.

Test Your Product


At this stage, you can run different simulations on your product to see what can be ironed out. Simulations can be run in CAD programs, and can be backed up by further research to see what kinds of problems are being experienced by users within your field.

Develop a Prototype

The best prototypes are ones that have been extensively tested before going to production; you can produce a 3D model based on your simulations, which can then be shown to investors and other companies to give them a detailed sense of what to expect from your product.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Once you’re content with the final design of your product, you can then move onto developing a marketing strategy. What are some of the most unique selling points of your product, and what kinds of platforms are you going to target for your release? It’s also important to think about whether you’re going to start off locally with your marketing, or if you’re going to pick up international resellers.


Be careful with how you work out your manufacturing process. Depending on the scale of the project you’re working on, you can typically save on costs by working with offshore manufacturers; this can enable you to reduce deadlines and increase production.

Be Prepared to Refine Your Product

There’s almost always going to be some problems that need to be ironed out following an initial product launch. Keep these potential refinements in mind when working out how many copies of a product you need to manufacture, and whether you can scale out production to avoid problems with flawed parts.

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