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Beyond Social Media: Tried and Tested Ways of Acquiring New Customers

Customer acquisition is no easy feat. There is no truer adage than “customers are easy to lose and hard to gain”. But, you don’t have to have a negative mindset when it comes to acquiring new customers. On the contrary, there are some incredible tried and tested ways that you can do this. You don’t have to have a mega-bucks budget to do so. You don’t have to scour social media either. It’s time think outside of social media and the cocoon that is Facebook. Now is the time to consider other ways that you can attract new customers and boost profits.

Get Out on the Road

One of the best ways to meet new people is via face to face contact. Yes, it may seem a little old hat in today’s online based world. But, getting out onto the open road is one of the best ways of acquiring new customers. Marketing tours are now more popular than ever. The key is to get out and meet people. Give them samples of your products. Engage with them. Hit up city centres and make sure that you are out and talking to people. Ensure that you have a promotional bus that advertises your services, loud and proud. You can also go to trade shows, seminars and expos. These are fail-safe ways of engaging with new people. What is more, you can turn them into customers by talking to them. It’s time to unleash your inner sales god.


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It’s Time to Incentivise

When it comes to incentivising, some entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable with this method. But, incentivising new customers is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Better deals, free stuff, money off. Whatever your tactic, incentivise people to use your company and not the competition. You don’t have to blow the budget on this one. But giving people something for nothing is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are acquiring new customers. Of course, this means that you are generating sales too.

Don’t Forget about PR

PR has been lost in the quagmire of digital marketing. But, PR is one of the oldest, most fail-safe ways to engage with people. You may not be comfortable with PR personally. So, get an agency to do the hard work for you. Getting into the press means that you are reaching out to a whole new audience. Not all people are online and internet savvy. This means that you are ignoring a large proportion of the population. After all, if more people know about your services, you are sure to generate new customers.

Be a Show Off

You need to prove to people why your services are the best. So, make sure that you are attending shows and talks. TED talks are wildly popular. Why? Because it gives people a chance to show off about their knowledge base. Passion and knowledge in any industry is vital. Getting a primetime slot on TED may be difficult. But, podcasts and YouTube videos give you the chance to flex your muscle.

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