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Running A Manufacturing Business? Here’s How To Make It More Efficient

Any and all businesses will rely on how efficient their practices are. From the processes that shape how your business looks, to marketing, everything needs to flow smoothly for the best results. Photo Credit This is never more true than it is in manufacturing. The production of large quantities of products is vital for many, many reasons. This is the ... Read More »

Improve Your Employee Management with These Tips

Image source: Flickr If you’ve worked as a business owner or even a lower manager before, you’ll know how tough managing employees is. Although this work is hard, it isn’t something you can afford to neglect! The difference between good and bad management could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy! If you’re a little concerned about the HR at ... Read More »

Horrible Mistakes You are Making That are Ruining Your Business’s Productivity

For the longest time, economists believed that all businesses were essentially the same. So it didn’t matter to them whether a business was doing it’s best to be productive. According to their thinking, if it wasn’t productive, it had gone out of business a long time ago, and nobody had heard about it since. pixabay.com The problem is that the ... Read More »

A Guide to Moving Your Startup Into Its First Office

Wikimedia Even Apple started in someone’s garage. (Well, sort of.) It’s common for business startups to housed in a living room, a basement, or a garage. It’s a pretty sweet setup, at least for a while. It saves you a lot of money, keeps you close to home and keeps all the workers in close vicinity to one another. (Which ... Read More »

Legal Issues Every Startup Must Address

The legal code in the US has become notorious for its length and complexity. No single human being could possibly read the whole text, and yet everyone is expected to abide by it. Most of the laws on the books are just common sense. Don’t steal. Don’t kill. But it’s when the laws refer to business that they get truly ... Read More »

Outsourcing: 4 Reasons You Should Leave Marketing to the Experts

One of the greatest challenges of running a business is ensuring that everybody is using their time as efficiently as possible. When it is your own business you are taking care of, it is of particular importance. Wasted time, after all, is wasted money – and that is far from being good business sense. The truth is, anyone who wants ... Read More »

Struggling to Communicate with Remote Workers? Read These Tips!

The modern business will thrive on the ability of its’ workforce. Many businesses are relying on remote employees, meaning the need for effective communication is key. Of course, since they’re remote, it’s not as easy as just walking down the hall to their office. They could be in another town, another country or another continent. As such, improving your infrastructure ... Read More »

Quick Tips for Setting Up a Food Business

The food industry has never been bigger. As a nation, we’re becoming more and more obsessed with what we’re putting in our mouths. And as a result, business is booming. Niche businesses are proliferating in every direction imaginable. Businesses are catering for the health food market. They are cashing in on the body building movement. And they are looking to ... Read More »

What Happens When Your Employer Gets Bought Out?

Let’s say that you have spent many happy years working for your current employer. You enjoy your job and the people that you work with each day. Everything is going well, and you’ve no reason to worry about your future with the company. That is until you hear the news that your employer is merging with another firm! Suddenly you ... Read More »

Insane Modern Business Secrets Revealed!

Many entrepreneurs will scour the internet looking for the secrets to success. They desperately try and find out what the big companies are doing that makes them so popular. Today, I’m going to reveal some modern business secrets that will blow your mind: (pixabay: https://goo.gl/vLJ2CV) Social Media is a Business’s Best Friend Much is made of social media and the ... Read More »