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Can I Transfer My Insurance To My New Car?

When buying a new car, you might want to transfer your existing insurance policy, rather than setting up a new one; doing so can make it easier to retain no claims bonuses and other aspects of your old policy that you want to keep. However, the actual process of transferring your insurance to a new car can involve overcoming some ... Read More »

As The Christmas Countdown Begins – Are Your Finances In Order?

It’s hardly surprising that so many parents dread Christmas. Yes, there’s a big dinner, a beautiful Christmas tree and copious amounts of port and red wine. There’s also at least a couple of hundred pounds worth of Christmas presents to be bought and wrapped. Being a parent at Christmas can be extremely difficult, so difficult that it makes the festive ... Read More »

PPI Claims With Zero Paperwork Are Possible

Payment protection insurance was a policy intended to protect customers to float smoothly through their financial difficulties. However, it was detected that lending institutions and banks have misused PPI to wring money from clients. It is roughly estimated that in the last ten years about £8 billion have been illegally earned by financial institutions. Fortunately, now you can reclaim mis-sold ... Read More »

Top Tips to Keeping Your Car Insurance Premium Down

What are some of the best ways in which you can keep your car insurance premiums down? Some of the best approaches to consider include comparing the market as much as possible for specialist insurers, while also agreeing to increase your voluntary excess; other methods include investing in new security measures and choosing the right car to avoid being penalised ... Read More »

How to Reclaim Your PPI Amount As Early As Possible

Payment Protection Insurance or PPI is a coverage that is sold along with financial products such as loans, credit cards, mortgages, hire purchase, stock cards, etc. It is meant to protect the borrowers from the risks in case they are unable to repay their borrowed amount. There might be several reasons for which they are unable to pay back the ... Read More »

Where Do I Begin With Personal Tax Planning?

You may be starting to organize your taxes for a wide range of reasons: you might have just become self employed for the first time, or you may have received money that you have to declare to the HMRC as capital gains or inheritance. In these situations, and more, knowing where to begin with your personal tax planning is important. ... Read More »

Refer To Super Financing Ideas for Initiating Your Business Plan

An idea requires capital to become reality. When you decide to start up any business, the first and foremost requirement for the same would be getting someone to finance the capital for you. If you would be having a plan which would need more funds then it might not be feasible to accumulate all the money from your own savings. ... Read More »

3 Great Tips on Managing Your Personal Finance

Sometimes we all have problems with managing our personal finances. It is often helpful to have some helpful tips in order to maintain control over our personal finances. It is never too late to manage your personal finances. In that idea, here are at least three great tips to help anyone to better manage their finances. Control Your Cash Flow ... Read More »

Things to be Followed while Applying for an Auto Loan

The feeling of sitting behind the wheel of your favorite cannot be described in words. Everybody at some point of time in life has wished for driving a dream car. However, the challenge here is do all of us have enough cash to buy it? Well, most of us will say no, and that’s why we have auto loans. Before ... Read More »

Automating Finance Processes in Your Company

Any business, small or large, can sometimes suffer from simple mistakes caused by human factor. Managers sometimes forget to pay bills simply because the post-in note with reminder got lost and it slipped the mind. And not only that; when finance managers don’t have proper administration and finance software it’s much harder to track such activities as expenses and sales, ... Read More »