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Could Employees Cause Havoc In Your Company?

While your employees can be your best resource, they can also be one of the greatest threats to your company. You might wonder how they could cause your business damage. Injuries in the office and workplace are becoming more common. Just last year, businesses in the UK and Australia found they were inundated with personal injury claims. What does this mean? A personal injury claim won’t usually mean that a business owner needs to show up in court. Typically, these claims are settled outside of the courtroom. But they are still going to cost an employer a fortune in damages. This could freeze their business on the market, ceasing the profitability. You must know how dangerous that could be. This is why it’s important you know how to keep your business property safe for employees.

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Get Regular Testing

Anything that could be a danger in your business needs to be checked on a regular basis. In an industrial business, this is going to be all heavy machinery on the factory floor. For an office, this might be any appliances that employees use. That could be something as small as the microwave in your office kitchen to something as big as the emergency lighting system in your office. Believe it or not, both these things can cause an equal amount of damage. That’s why you do need to test both of them and everything else on your property. You can arrange appliance testing to be scheduled, online.

You also need to check fire and safety equipment regularly. This should be tested and checked at least twice a year. Ideally, you want to prevent a fire on your premises. If you can’t do this, then you at least want to make sure that it doesn’t cause more damage because you can’t control it. Fire sprinkler systems do corrode over time. Particularly, when they are exposed to oxygen. That’s why you can not neglect the checks that need to be made.

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Employee Training

Of course, any expert in the field will tell you that one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace is human error. You can make sure that the chance of human error causing an accident is reduced by keeping your staff well trained. Make sure that they know the dangers in their office and how to prevent them. Make them part of the solution rather than the problem. It’s a fallacy that workers are trying to get injured in the office. They don’t want to risk being off work for the chance of getting a big payout. The gamble involved is too great. If you get them on your side, they will ensure their office is safe. Remember, it’s their company too.

Hire Safety Officers

Finally, you should hire safety officers for your business. The role of these individuals will be to make sure that your company is safe and protected. It’s important they check the office daily for signs of hazards. They also act as a point of authority. If an incident does occur, they should be who employees go to first. As well as that, they will keep an up to date record of any incidents in your office. This is a legal requirement.

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