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Ever Wondered How Paint Gets Manufactured? Find Out in Here!

Ever Wondered How Paint Gets Manufactured? Find Out in Here!

It’s no secret that you can’t go anywhere without seeing something painted! From the walls in your home to the bodywork on your car, paint is everywhere! These days it is possible to buy paint in a range of different colors. In fact; the only thing you get limited by is your imagination and bank balance!

Everyone knows that paint is a chemical. You can’t eat it because it will make you ill. You also can’t dispose of it in large quantities down the drain because it’s toxic to the environment. Many of today’s paints are water-based. But have you ever wondered how paint gets manufactured?

In today’s blog post, I will take you on a virtual journey of the paint manufacturing process.

A Brief History of Paint

We all know that paint gets used for domestic and industrial purposes. But how long have we all been painting stuff?

There is evidence to suggest that early humans were painting things around 20,000 years ago. And there is plenty of evidence that all the ancient civilizations around the world have been making and using paint.


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The first modern paint got patented back in 1700 by an American named Thomas Child. He built the world’s first paint mill.

What Makes up Modern Paint

Of course, the way we make paint is quite different to days gone by. Before I explain how paint gets made, it’s important to learn what makes up the paint you buy from your local Home Depot, for example.

Today’s modern paints are a mixture of pigments, solvents and resins. Paints also contain various other additives too:

  • The pigments used in paint give them their color;
  • Solvents ensure that the paint you buy is easy to apply to surfaces;
  • Resins are, in essence, wetting and drying agents contained within the paint;
  • Additives can get used for anything from filling holes to ensuring mold doesn’t form on the dried paint surface.

Paint makers use titanium dioxide for white pigments, and for black pigments they use carbon black. Other oxides get used for different hues, such as iron oxide for red hues.

How Paint gets Made

Now that you know what items make up paint, it’s time to learn how the paint gets made!

The first step is the paste process. Fine pigment grains are chosen according to the desired color. They get mixed with resins to “wet” the pigment. And then solvents and additives get added to form a paste.

Once the paste is ready, it gets added to a sand mill to filter and remove fine sand particles. After that stage gets completed, it’s time to “thin” the paste. A tote mixer is useful for agitating the paste, along with other solvents to make the paint thin.

After that process is complete, the paint gets transferred to the familiar cans that you buy in hardware stores and paint shops. Those cans are labeled and tested for quality before they get sealed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s paint post!

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