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Four Ways to Keep Your Agriculture Business Up-to-Date

When people think of agriculture businesses, they don’t often picture workers using much technology. There’s this view that all workers in such a business do everything by hand, or using technology that’s been around for hundreds of years.

Of course, agriculture wouldn’t still be a such a booming business if advances hadn’t been made and put into widespread use! How else were we supposed to deal with the increasing food demands of an increasing population?

So don’t be tempted to take too much of a classic methodology just because you’re in the agriculture field (so to speak). The technology innovators out there have not forgotten about you! Here are the best ways to keep your land maintenance up to date.



An Updated Irrigation System

Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best. If your business isn’t looking out for the environment, then your business is going to lag behind. It’s the future. Not taking steps to improve environmental conditions is simply a bad business decision!

Because of the amount of water your land needs, water consumption can be a particularly difficult issue to tackle. But it can be done. A lot of farmers are using a lot more water than they need to be using. You can fix the issue on your end by getting an up-to-date, efficient irrigation system.

An Eye in the Sky

An inspection of your land can be an extreme time sink. You can’t just have a quick but thorough glance over everything to make sure nothing awful is happening. Not unless you’ve managed to install a skyscraper on your land for the sole purpose of surveying your farm.



Well, if you have done that, then you’re about to feel a little silly. Again, the tech innovators have your back. AgEagle have created a small, user-controlled surveillance aircraft specifically for farms. With that, you can get a look at as much of the land and its surrounding area as you please. Images and video can be streamed to your computer, so you don’t even have to leave your seat.


The very idea of a smartphone app made specifically for farmers seems a little strange at first. But think about it. Apps are being developed for pretty much area of business, so it makes sense that agriculture would get some focus eventually!

So, yes, you can get an app to help with your farming. For example, there’s an app out there than can help you work out your optimum planting rate for produce on your land. There’s also an app that estimates growing degree units and precipitation.



Vehicles with a Mind of Their Own

Autonomous vehicles are getting a lot of press recently, with those Google cars hitting the road in 2015. Gee, a car that can drive itself. I bet many a farmer have looked at those things and wondered why they can’t get a tractor that can a bunch of work by itself.

Well, don’t you worry. Fully autonomous agricultural vehicles are on their way. The eDrive Tractor, for example, is nearing a state of availability for farmers. The problem at the moment is the estimated cost of $100,000. Of course, we’ve still got a while to go before these are widely available, so hopefully that estimate will drop a bit!

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