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How Social Media can help a Small Business Perform Better at Customer Service

How Social Media can help a Small Business Perform Better at Customer Service

Let me ask you a very simple and plain question. What you are supposed to do when you do not get any answer from a company’s customer service team despite sending multiple mails or calling them repeatedly? Of course, you are going to say some ‘nice’ thing about the company on your social accounts and then try your level best to make people aware of how pathetic the company is when it comes to serve its customers.

Okay, let us not forget the fact that you are not the only person who is planning to vent her anger via social networking platform. Take a look around, there are hundreds of people are doing it right now. People have become fed up with the traditional and time consuming ways of redressing their grievances. They want instant solution to their problems and since they are aware of the ever growing importance and power of social media, they are leaning over it whenever a problem arises.

Now, this is a kind of trend that makes small business owners worried about their online reputation and this is what makes it even more difficult for them to offer better customer service. As an increasing number of customers is expecting brands to be more active on social circles, respond to their queries and concerns and sometimes, expect to offer solution, businesses are left with fewer options other than making their customers support team more active on social circles. Now, making this kind of swift transaction may be a piece of cake for the big brands, but for small business organizations this is really tough. But since survival is almost impossible without getting your business involved in social media circle, here we are going to give you some cool tips that may help you make your business face the challenges more effectively –

Get Everyone Involved


Since you do not have large number of employees working at your disposal, you have to get everyone involved in the process of giving support to your customers on social media sites. From sales team to product development to billing, everyone has to be proactive on social media and should be trying their level best to solve the problems that customers might be facing. If a customer is having some difficulty with billing, let the billing department handle it directly. By getting everyone involved, you can expedite the process immensely.

Make a Paradigm Shift


Since people are mentioning your brands all time and for all different reasons, it is almost impossible for a small business origination to step in and get engaged in the conversation. And if it even does, this will be just sheer waste of time and effort. So, you have to be very specific about when it comes to get involved on social media channel.

Get involved only when you see that the customer is enraged for some reason and is posting things which are not in favor of your company’s brand image. Just do not post the same boring answer that you are sorry for the inconvenience and are trying to solve the issue as soon as possible; rather you should be trying to solve the problem and respond to the issue the same day. You may never know, a small issue can easily get snowballed into a major crisis and therefore, it will be good for you if you can show some proactiveness.

Escalate to Concern Department


Since all the persons working in your small business organizations are involved in making your social presence great and helping serve customer via this great channel, you have to make everyone aware of the importance of escalating problems if they feel that the issue has to be delta by professionals. This is especially true if you have got some juniors who are managing the customer service department of your company or it could be that you have hired an outsourcing partner.

A general comment about your service is certainly not be treated at par with a complaint that threatens reputation of your company. So, make your employees understand the difference between these two types of situations and then they will be able to make a better decision when to escalate an issue to concerned department.

Decide When to Respond


Offering customer support via social media does not mean that you have to respond every time someone chimes in. Rather you need to take a drastically different approach. You just to make sure that you are overlooking anything.

You will encounter some people who are not your customers yet they are making negative comments about your brand. Well, there is no point in wasting your energy on them. Better you should ignore them. Only get involved when you see a person is having genuine problem and is totally frustrated with the quality of the service offered via traditional form of customer service.

So, these are the few ways, a small business organization can offer better customer service by utilizing the power of social media.

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