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How to Deal with Lazy Staff Members

As a businessman, you know that you need to have hard-working employees. When you work with a team, you have every right to make them work hard for you. When there is a lazy person in your team, you need to sort it out fast. If you have noticed that one of your team members is not pulling their weight, you need to take action as soon as possible. Here is how you can deal with them.

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Give them a Chance

Your initial reaction might be to fire your employee, but wait a minute before you do that. You should make sure that you give your staff member a chance first. It might seem like they don’t deserve a chance, but you should give them one. If you can change the way this person approaches work, they will be loyal to you and your company. If, after you have given them a chance, they are still lazy, you should let them go.

Find Out what Inspires them

The first thing, you should do, is find out what inspires the person. That means that you need to talk to them and get to know them on a deep level. When you know the person well, you can work out how best to inspire them. You need to find out what drives them forward in their life. Remember, not everybody is career-minded. That means that some people are not looking to establish a professional life for themselves.

Encourage them to Work Hard

When you want your employee to work hard for your company, you should not berate them for the wrong things they do. Instead, you should commend them when they do a good job. Some people don’t respond well to negative reinforcement. Telling someone that they always get things wrong will make them feel bad about themselves. It could knock their self-esteem. That will only lead to them giving up in the long run. You need to focus on what they do well, not what they do wrong.

Get them Extra Training

When you invest money in developing someone’s skills, it shows them that you care about them as a member of the team. If you want to help your staff member to move forward in their career, you need to get them some training. There are now many courses available and even some consultancy options. For example, you can get some IT consulting to aid your tech team. Look at different options so that you can improve your staff members.

Show that Everything has Consequences

Does your staff member think that his or her actions have no consequences? If you take a passive role in managing your team, you could find that they lack respect for you. You need to show your employee that everything, he or she does, carries a result. For example, you could give them a bonus when they do well, or make them stay late when a job needs finishing. Taking a hands-on role in your company is the best way to get results.

Get them a Mentor

Some people respond well to mentoring and others do not. If you want to ensure that your staff members work hard on a daily basis, it is worth trying a mentoring system. That means that your senior members of staff will have to guide your new employees. Pair your lazy employee with your best senior employee. With any luck, your employee will flourish under this new lease of guidance. You should hold regular meetings to check the progress of your mentoring scheme. If it works well, you could use it as a long-term strategy.

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