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How To Start Your Own Home Based Tarot Card Reading Business

How To Start Your Own Home Based Tarot Card Reading Business

With many “normal” jobs becoming more and more monotonous, creative people throughout the entire world are looking for alternative methods of obtaining a reliable income, and although psychic techniques aren’t for everyone, increasing numbers of people are spending increasing amounts of time finding out if they’ve got what it takes to launch themselves into a career of tarot card reading.

Probably best suited to people who don’t mind working from home, tarot is one of the oldest “fortune telling” aids in existence. Although it requires far less skill than mediumship, or giving clairvoyant readings, finding out what the universe holds for you through the use of tarot can be rather appealing to many people. This is probably why those who understand how to read the cards properly seem to stick with their jobs indefinitely.


So if you think that reading tarot cards could be an enjoyable and viable career move for you, have a quick read through this article and find out exactly how to move forward.

Get Started

Firstly, you’ll need to purchase a few packs of different quality cards. These can be obtained online or at specialist shops for around £20 in most cases, although you definitely want the best decks possible, so opting for more expensive options can be rather beneficial, especially during these early stages.

Learn The Cards

Each card in a tarot deck will have a different meaning associated with it, and that meaning can change depending upon when and where the card is produced, so ensure you always read through any attached guides thoroughly, as you don’t want to misinterpret information. Also, card meanings are not always as straightforward as they seem. For example, someone may choose the “death” card, but this rarely means anyone is going to die. It could suggest that a relationship will bite the dust though.

Be Fair With Pricing


If you’re new to tarot, it’s probably a good idea to read for free for a while, until you know for certain that you understand your decks and can provide accurate information to your clients. Once you know you can do this, it’s a good idea to charge moderate fees of around £20 per reading for solo bookings and around £50 for party bookings. This amount can be increased as your confidence and ability rises.

Ask For Feedback

As you’ll almost always be providing information to people about their future, it’s not a very good idea to ask for immediate feedback, as your client won’t be in a position to provide accurate information to you straight away. Instead, try to keep in touch with people you’ve read for (via telephone, email, or whatever means are most suitable), and ask them to update you on a weekly basis. That way, you should gain some understanding of how successful you are.

So there you have it my mystically minded friends. A simple guide to starting your own home based tarot card business. If I were you, I’d consider obtaining an Egyptian deck, like the one used by English extrovert Aleister Crowley (who was incidentally much less of a madman than most people claim), as those seem to provide the most interesting insights. However, at the end of the day, it’s all down to your personal preference.

Good luck!

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