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Impact of Fiscal Cliff on Education of College and University Students

Impact of Fiscal Cliff on Education of College and University Students

Everyone knows that the economy of Americans is decreasing day to day due to various reasons. The economical growth of US is really not fare nowadays and there is the situation of recession. Entire world is expecting for the implementation of Fiscal cliff in the ongoing budget planning. There is no doubt that this fiscal cliff is one of the most awaited budgets of United States. After the agreement of congress in this law, the US government has signed in right away to implement this law as much as earlier.


Many people don’t have clear about this Fiscal cliff and its benefits. Individuals with an interest to know about this in details can look over this review with pleasure. Fiscal cliff deal increases tax on wealthier citizens while conserve the tax shatters for middle and lower cases. By implementing this in the budget there is chance for every middle class people to develop their economical status to the higher level. Here is an opportunity for those people to withstand from the low financial status. The beauty of this law is that it provides lot of benefits for students who are struggling much to study their higher degrees.

Though it affects almost all the field, education is one of the much significant field in which the effect of this new budget is expected. The good news with this deal is it is beneficial for debt-ridden college students. With the help of such act, there is chance for every student to complete their degree by just paying off fewer amounts.

Avoid Wide Scale Cuts for Education


The fiscal cliff deal on education avoids wide-scale cuts but not permanently. It affects till March and the new bill offers some optimistic news and some unknown news for students. College students are facing millions dollar debt by attaining education loans. For the welfare of those students here is an availability of fiscal cliff to get some strips for the students in paying their loans.

Grants are offered to students through this new act and it ensures education for a large number of students from different states. There is no doubt that over 5,200 students will get a supplemental education opportunity.

Positive News on Education


Stable extension of $2,000 donation sum to tax-free Coverdell Accounts (was initially put to go back to $500). In addition, the bill expands the description of education costs to take in K12 – a huge win for school choice and online or digital learning as computer tools is also enclosed.

Fiscal cliff cuts would be especially much harsh one for research funding. Students who are studying in the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and some others (roughly $500 million) students will get benefit after the implementation of such act in the budget. After the emergence of this act, educational programs of various departments would also be reduced. However, the federal student loans would largely be protected for the welfare of every student.

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