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Important Aspects of Exhibition Stand Design UK

Important Aspects of Exhibition Stand Design UK

An exhibition is a great platform for you to make new connection with potential customers. You could be launching a new product in the event or showcasing your existing products and services. From small start-ups to leading Multi-National Companies all have the same aim i.e. to catch the attention of the visitors in the event. Your exhibition stand and its presentation play a vital role in such events. You will have to compete with your business rivals head on to attract attention. Unfortunately a sizeable number of firms are let down by their stands in such exhibitions. In this short write-up let us take a look at some of the important aspects of exhibition stand design UK.

Floor Space

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the floor space. In any exhibition you get a fixed amount of space depending on the amount you pay for it or a space that is fixed by the organizer. Irrespective of the space available you need to make a strong presentation. You might have come across small stands in exhibition that attract maximum attention while larger ones put up an unassuming show. Thus it is important that you make every inch of space count at the event with good stand design. Investing on modular stands makes business sense as you can use the same stand in different events irrespective of the space available to you.

Custom Design

This brings us to the second most important aspect of stand design which is uniqueness. When you have large number of competitors alongside your stand this uniqueness often seals the deal in your favour. Your exhibition stand needs to be delivering a message to the visitors about your brand, products and services. Thus you need to create a custom stand that visitors can immediately connect to. Your logo and your corporate slogan should find prominent space in the stand. You can make use of colours that is identified with your brand as this will help visitors spot you in the crowd. Complement the design with lighting as well as audio visual display for maximum impact.

Be Informative

There is always a specific purpose behind participating in any exhibition. You might be using an event to launch a new product while in another you might be showcasing your existing products and services. It is important to theme your design around the purpose and be informative. For example if you are planning to launch a product at the event the stand design should be centred on it. You can make use of pop-up display kits, literature racks etc. to inform your visitors about the product. This helps in arousing the desire in the visitors and helps you conduct a sale either at the event or later.

These aspects help you in achieving an impactful exhibition stand design. It would be wise to hire the services of a professional stand builder who has expertise in the field and creates eye-catchy presentation for your brand in the event.

In this article we discusses the important aspects to be considered for an exhibition stand in the UK.

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