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The Benefits Of Skill Testing Potential Employees Before Your Hire!

The Benefits Of Skill Testing Potential Employees Before Your Hire!

When you’ve got a job opening these days, thanks to the current lack of employment in the UK you’ll almost certainly get a lot of applications. So, how do you work out which interviewees are best suited to the work you undertake? Well, although you can simply rely on face to face interviews, this isn’t really a very accurate way of making an assessment of someone you don’t know. Some people are just better than others in this sort of situation, so you could end up employing someone who isn’t the most skilled just because they’re confident. Likewise, you could let the best candidate go because they’re nervous.

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With that in mind, I thought I’d write this short article to highlight the importance of skill testing in the modern workplace. This is a fantastic way of learning what type of person is sat in front of you, and what sort of skills they really have. That said, you must be careful as even these tests fail some people.

Be Fair

If you chose to use personality tests or even numerical reasoning exams from online companies like, make sure you make the process as fair as possible for all potential employees. If you use the test on one person, you must use it on every single interview candidate, as this will provide you with the most accurate results whilst also keeping everyone on an even playing field.

Make Exceptions

You must remember that one size does not always fit all, and some people may be better or worse at one test than others. You could even encounter an incredibly smart person with all the skills you require, but who just happens to be rubbish at the type of analysis you’ve presented them with. So, common sense must always be utilised.

Stick With What Works

When you find some tests that you feel will provide you with the insights you require; stick with them. There really is no need to swap and change test papers as you may well encounter problems that could have a negative effect on your evaluation.

Enjoy The Results

Once you’ve selected the most appropriate tests for your business and the work you are offering, you should be able to locate the most suitable candidate much quicker, and with much more confidence in your choice. As I mentioned previously, always use common sense and no test is foolproof, but once you’ve found your man/woman, it’s time to get them trained up and put them to work.

You should see a noticeable increase in your interview success rate using skill testing, so there should now be no need for having to let people go after their 3 month trial because they’ve turned out to be quite different from how you perceived them under first impressions.

So there you go. That was a short guide to how to test potential employees skills, and the main benefits of doing so. Don’t be afraid of adjusting your interview technique, as it’s essential that you move with the times.

Good luck finding the right candidate!

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