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The Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy a Card Processor

Every self-respecting business needs to buy a card processor. Without one, you will struggle to process your transactions and make sales. It is that simple. Still, you can’t just go out and buy a processor without taking precautions. Because you don’t want to be irresponsible and hurt your company, you need to questions and listen to the answer. Then, you will be able to figure out which one is the best unit for your company. So, what are the questions you need to ask before you make a purchase?

Is There a Cancellation or Termination Fee?

Be careful because lots of companies charge you a fee if you end your contract early. Obviously, you don’t want to pay any charge whatsoever as it gives you more flexibility. But, it might not be possible depending on the suppliers you prefer, which is why you need to scope out the average fee. As a general rule, it shouldn’t be any more than $500. Even that is a little steep, but it is affordable in most cases. Any supplier that has a higher cancellation fee is trying to take you for a ride. A card reader is important, but it isn’t that important.

Is It Compatible With Your Site?

The best processors can link with your website to allow a more cohesive experience. Plus, it is much easier for you and your customers if the two link. It all depends on the software that the processor uses to complete the transactions. Some don’t use universal software, which is a bad sign. You want the gateway between your processor and shopping cart to stay open. For that reason, you want a universal program. Ask about the software beforehand to get a clearer picture.



Does It Accept Contactless Payments?

Gone are the days where customers pay for their goods via the conventional route. Nowadays, it is all about contactless payments. And, you have to respect that when you buy a processor. It sounds like a leap, but people do avoid places that don’t offer the contactless option. For starters, they want to go with the firm that provides them with the best service. Plus, they use the lack of contactless as a sign of your values. Because you don’t have the latest technology, they see you as an outdated firm. A good business thinks about their customers all the time whether it is a big or small thing.



What Support is Available?

No one wants to throw mud, but processors are hard to handle. They can be temperamental and suddenly lose signal at any point. And, they do it quite regularly if you don’t fix the problem. This isn’t meant to put you off, but it is meant to make you aware of the issues. The issues are why you need a good level of customer support. As the novice, you don’t know what repairs to make to solve the problem. The supplier does, they should be able to offer you advice any time of the day/week.

Anyone that doesn’t ask these question is taking a big gamble.

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