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Things to Know About Wedding Insurance – In’s and Out’s

Things to Know About Wedding Insurance – In’s and Out’s

When planning a wedding, there are many things to consider. Where do you book, what do you order, who do you hire? But another thing to consider is should you insure your event? Weddings can be mini-investments in your future and if they are not covered from unforeseen circumstances, then you may not get a second chance at a dream wedding. Follow these guidelines to ensure you are insured properly.

Pick the Right Company

There are several companies that can be of use to you for your special event. Take a look at sites like, to find the best option for your particular needs. There are different deductible limits depending on the level of coverage you require. There are also several different options that can be discussed when you are looking for quotes.

2 Types

There are two different types of insurance: event liability and event cancellation. Event liability insurance covers the venue you are renting from damage claims and also helps if there is an accident at the venue during your rental time. Event cancellation insurance provides coverage if the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Most insurance companies will cover a cancelled wedding if there was inclement weather, accidents, illnesses, and military deployments. This does not include a change of heart; in that case, you are on your own. There are also some limitations to some of these categories. If there is an illness of an immediate wedding party guest and they have a pre-diagnosed condition, you will not be covered. As long as you realize the limitations of your coverage, you can ensure that you get what you expected.


Make sure you are aware of the deductibles you will be charged for each vendor that will be paid out. Most deductibles are not high, around $25-$50, but if you are cancelling a wedding and paying several vendors that can add up. Also, liability insurance carries a much higher deductible, so be aware of this issue. Most liability insurance deductibles run around $1000, especially due to vendor damage that could be incurred during a large event.


If your wedding is cancelled or postponed due to a covered insurance event, the honeymoon may also be covered. Make sure you know to what level of insurance you will need to recoup the money for the honeymoon as well.

Venue Location

Make sure the wedding location you choose is a covered location if it is out of the United States. Many other countries and locations will not be eligible for insurance if they do not meet the criteria.

Fine Details

As with any contract, ensure that you read all the fine print and check the internet for information on the company you have selected for insurance. There may be telling information on claim denials and information that can save you the hassle of purchasing something that is not even going to protect you in an emergency.

Weddings are not cheap and can be a huge expense for any family. Protecting your investment may be the wisest decision you make during this process. The worst thing that can happen is a wedding is planned and doesn’t happen and you are left to foot the bill. All of this can be prevented with the right wedding insurance from the right provider. Take the time to research and find this for your next wedding event.

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