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Top Industries Worthy of Your Investment in 2015

One of the ways to make your money grow is to invest it in something that earns interest. Examples include long-term bonds and savings accounts. Most people opt for investments in companies within certain industries.

The only trouble is; there are hundreds of different industries to choose from! So, if you want to invest in a particular industry, how do you know which one is right for you?

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In today’s blog post, I will share with you details on the hottest industries you need to consider for your investments this year. Here is what you need to know:

Consumer Electronics

It’s no secret that we all love using the latest gadgets. Look around any home, and you will find an array of home electronics goods in use by the householders! From HDTVs to Blu-ray players, and smartphones to tablets, we use them all!

We all know that technology is forever evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, products become obsolete quicker. That means we end up buying replacements quite frequently. Smartphones are a perfect example of this statistic.

One man that concurs with that statement is mobile telecoms expert Issa Asad from Florida. He’s seen first hand the rapid pace with which the mobile telecoms sector has evolved.

Consumer electronics has the highest growth of any industry. In the past three months alone there was a phenomenal level of growth at 23%!

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When the economy looks dismal, there’s always the precious metal market to rely on! Gold is, without a doubt, the most popular precious metal to invest in. Many of the world’s governments have stockpiles of gold bullion.

They do that so they can sell some of it should they need to stimulate growth in the economy. One of the reasons governments invest in gold is because its value climbs steadily. If you want to invest in precious metals, gold investments are the best choice for you.


The pharmaceuticals industry is worth around $300 billion dollars a year. It’s an industry that is seldom affected by economic troubles. That’s because there is never a shortage in demand for medicine.

Did you know that the ten largest companies in this industry control around one-third of it? Six of those companies are based here in the United States, with the rest in Europe. Drug companies are making record profits. That’s thanks, in part, to medical research and innovations within the industry.

It is an essential industry to the healthcare sector. Without it, people wouldn’t get better when they become sick or injured. We all know that pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money. So you can be sure that your investment is safe here.

Real Estate

Another popular industry to invest in is real estate. Contrary to common belief, real estate is one of the top ten industries to invest in for 2015. With much of the economic troubles gone from the last decade, people are buying properties in great numbers again.

They always say that you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar. And the statistics prove that!

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