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What is Ergonomics and What Made It Important?

What is Ergonomics and What Made It Important?

Ergonomics is one of the commonly used terms in the workplace today. What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is described as the science pertaining to designing equipment or arranging the workplace to make it fit to the employee. Ergonomics is a complex process and it requires extensive research in order to meet the needs of the human body. The proper use of equipment, temperature, noise, and light can be modified so that the employees will be able to work productively.

The Principles of Ergonomics

  • Physical ergonomics – This pertains to the human body associated with the use of work equipment such as the chair, working table, computer, and the like. This equipment can actually affect the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the posture.
  • Organizational ergonomics – It primarily focuses on the arrangement of workplace to sooth the needs of the workers.
  • Cognitive ergonomics – This pertains to the way the mind processes information. It focuses on the interaction between the human brain and the presentation of data.

The Objectives of Ergonomics


To Provide Comfort – The primary purpose of ergonomic is to provide comfort. If the workers are using ergonomically designed equipment such as chair, table, monitor, and keyboard, the worker will be comfortable during the working hours. Various discomforts will be prevented, especially physical discomfort concerning the back, neck, joints, and other parts of the body. If the workers are comfortable at work, they will be able to do their work in a positive manner that leads to increase work production. With ergonomic equipment and ergonomically arranged workplace, the overall well-being of the workers will be taken care of.

Increased Productivity – The productivity of the business depends on the overall condition of the workers. If the workers are uncomfortable or injured, productivity suffers. Through the application of ergonomics, the workers will be able to work in a convenient, functional, and comfortable workplace. Purchasing ergonomically designed equipment is quite expensive, but it actually doubles or triples the production.

Improved Sight – The type of lighting used in the workplace can as well affect the overall condition of the workers. This is the reason why most corporate offices adjust their lighting based on the principles of ergonomics. It is a proven fact that the wavelengths as well as vibration can cause headache and discomfort. This is actually one of the reasons why employees suffer from migraine attacks. With the principle of lighting ergonomics, the light is adjusted according to the natural preference of the human body.

Prevents Serious Debilitating Damage that Lead to Work Loss


Different work activities that are done repetitively can actually cause motion injuries. A perfect example of this is typing on a keyboard for longer period of time. You may think that this is not serious, but in the long run it can actually cause carpal tunnel syndrome. To help address this problem, an ergonomic keyboard is needed. This type of keyboard is modified according to the structure of the wrists. The keys are also arranged according to the comfort level of the employee. Ergonomically designed keyboard also has humps, which allow the wrist to rest in a natural position. The primary purpose of ergonomic equipment like ergonomic chair and keyboard is to prevent long term damage on the human body.



The science of ergonomics has indeed improved the way of life of workers in a given workplace. Through the use or ergonomically designed equipment and ergonomically arranged work environment, workers remain comfortable, healthy, and even more productive

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