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Why is it recommended to Donate to Social Charities?

Why is it recommended to Donate to Social Charities?

The proverb “charity begins at home” is factual when considering the role of charitable donations and with such a wide range of charities where you can donate generously, there’s nothing to wonder that few people can feel a bit besieged when they first look for a charity gift according to their expectations.

When we give something to someone, we experience the heartwarming experience of making them feel appreciated and valued. There may be innumerable reasons why people would wish to donate to a charity organization. Few are personal, while the others are just related to business i.e. branding, and seeking tax benefits.


Here are the top five reasons to make donations to a charitable organization –
  • Need for charity: Irrespective of the cause or issue you feel fervent about supporting, there is a charity somewhere looking forward to address those requirements. If will not be difficult to find a charity that offers support for the cause that is of your interest.
  • Feel Good Factor: If you have not been a donator, you would have no idea about what you are missing. The satisfaction that comes with getting to know you are making use of what you have to help someone else is an amazing feel that cannot be matched by just being on the receiving end. It feels so good once you start donating that you will soon start looking out for other means to donate. Donating to charity also gives a feel of pride.
  • Interaction with Others who Share Similar Interests: When you donate to charity organizations, you are likely to meet up with other people who share the same interest as yours. This can help you to interact with them and form a network of people with common interests. This way, you can also find other places to donate things to through the network. You will also have a good feel when spending time with people with common interests.
  • Charity is tax deductible: Well, this is not a noble reason to donate to charity, but still it is valid. Any fund that is given to charity decreased your taxable income, which consecutively decreases your tax liability towards the year end.
  • Promote a better future for the youth: Teaching the youth and young adults to donate to charity and the value of community involvement is necessary to build a strong community in future. Inculcating these skills in teenagers is invaluable for a better tomorrow.
  • Business perspective: Well, this is not another noble reason, but still it is the reason why businesses donate to charity. For businesses, giving to charity has a good deal of promotional and marketing value.


There are enough reasons and places to donate to charity, but still some people get confused how they may dispose the old items. This does not help anyone; if you are not aware of any place to donate things to, you can always find donation boxes in malls and other public places, where you can put the things you want to donate. For instance, you can find Planet Aid drop box in several metropolitan areas of the US, where things can be dropped into.

The bottom-line here is that there are lots of advantages of donating to charity, and no obvious downsides whatsoever. Morally, it is a good deed to impact the community surrounding you in a positive way, and help the needy in getting the basic necessities like food, and shelter.

About Barry Brown

Barry Brown is a regular donator of clothes, toys, and other basic things to Planet Aid drop box. He encourages everyone to make a donation, no matter how small it may be, to the charitable organizations, because together we can, and we will make a difference to the society!