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Your Employees are Just as Important as Clients: Here’s Why

Marketers always talk about how important your clients are to your business. Your customers are the most important thing; they pay your salary, they refer others to you, they stay loyal. This is all very true, and why you should concentrate on offering the best customer service and experience you can. However, there’s another set of people who are just as important. Your employees! Employees can often be neglected, yet people fail to remember that these guys do most of the leg work. Keeping them happy is more important than anything else! There’s nothing worse than an employer whose attitude is ‘my staff are lucky to have jobs’. You should feel lucky to have your employees! Here’s why they are just as important as your clients:

Happy Employees = Quality Work

If you keep your employees happy, you’ll notice that the work they put out is of a much higher quality. They’ll do their best to get as much work done as they can to a high standard, and this will shine through to your clients.


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Appreciated Employees = Good Work environment

By appreciating your employees and letting them know that you’ve noticed their efforts, you’ll have a better work environment. They’ll feel happier to come to work, and all of your staff should get along. They’ll respect you and like you, which means they’re more likely to work harder for you.

Rewarded Employees = Company Loyalty

Many employers like to reward their employees for their hard work. This is a very good idea. Giving benefits such as a free lunch every once in a while is a great incentive and a treat for them. You could even give them vouchers to go out for a meal once in a while. Showing them that you care like this will mean they are more loyal to your company. Retaining great employees is so important, as they are hard to come by. If one leaves because they don’t feel appreciated, you’ll need to replace them. That will involve an interview process, training, and more. It’s a lot of hassle. You’ll find it more beneficial to keep and appreciate your current staff. Of course you can’t stop your staff from leaving if they’ve been offered a better position/pay elsewhere, but you can end on good terms. They should still recommend you as a good place to go even after they’ve left.

Satisfied Employees = Brand Ambassadors

Today’s Growth Consultant say that satisfied employees are brand ambassadors for your business. If they’re treated well, they’ll make sure everyone knows what a great company they work for. This will attract people to work with you, so it’s in your best interests. Think of all of the friends and family members your staff has collectively; if you treat your staff right, you have every chance of them coming to your for a product or service. If you get bad mouthed due to your negligence, this becomes unlikely.

The moral of the story: show your staff they’re important to you before it’s too late!

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